Irmen Wedding - Dawt Mill, Tecumseh Missouri

I knew from the first details I heard about this wedding that it was going to be beautiful and it was one I definitely wanted to photograph. Dawt Mill is a beautiful wedding location and it was absolutely the perfect place for this adventurous, outdoorsy couple to tie the knot. I do a very limited number of weddings every year, and I'm really glad this was one of them.

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Jenkins Wedding

I was so excited to be able to photograph this wedding. I knew it would be beautiful and tons of fun as well. I wasn't disappointed.  Great people, lots of love and happiness and fun. And a beautiful sunset to boot. Congrats Dakota and Hannah! 

Murray/Buffington Wedding

When children you used to babysit for when you were a teenager start getting married...that's when you start to feel old. Again, SO much fun to photograph the wedding of people who are near and dear to me. This was an out of the box wedding and was tons of fun! Congrats Josh and Emily!