Bailey - 2015 High School Senior

I had a blast working with Bailey! She volunteers her time as an artist to the Springfield Little theatre so we wanted to incorporate that into her photo shoot. The people at Lander's Theatre were kind enough to let us use their beautiful space as a backdrop for our photo shoot and I think we ended up with a ton of great, creative images! Here are a few of Bailey's favorites:

vintage senior portrait

Some of my favorite shots were taken downstairs in this "paint room" Couldn't ask for a more fun and unique backdrop!

theatre senior portrait
artistic senior portrait
artistic senior pictures
colorful senior pictures
outdoor senior picture

After we finished shooting at the theatre, we went a few doors down the street to a local bookstore to grab some fun editorial shots there since Bailey also loves to read. I am so happy with how these turned out!

fun senior pics
senior picture with books
unique senior photo
urban senior pictures